Discover the region


Faucon is a charming village which offers an authentic atmosphere. You can enjoy its library, its bakery and even a small market on Friday evenings in summer. 

The Old Village, located opposite, is only a 20-minute walk away. Explore its picturesque streets and soak up its rich historical heritage.

Faucon is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of the region.


Vaison-la-Romaine is an unmissable destination to discover during your stay at the Villa du Petit Bois. This fascinating city will immerse you in Roman history with its well-preserved remains. 

Explore the Puymin archaeological site and admire the magnificent Roman ruins, including the ancient theater and the atrium houses. Stroll through the medieval old town and discover its charming cobbled streets, quaint shops and traditional restaurants. 

Don't miss the lively weekly market, where you can sample local products and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

Vaison-la-Romaine is a historical gem not to be missed during your visit to the region.

Mont Ventoux

The Mont Ventoux is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a multitude of exciting activities

Cyclists come from all over the world to conquer its legendary slopes and take up the challenge of the “Giant of Provence”. 

Hikers are delighted with numerous marked trails offering breathtaking panoramic views

motorcyclists enjoy winding roads.

In winter, sports enthusiasts can enjoy the ski slope located on the slopes of Mont Ventoux.

Climbing enthusiasts will find exceptional sites to test their agility.

Whether you are a seasoned sportsman or simply looking for adventure, Mont Ventoux is a paradise.

The Wine Route

Near the Villa du Petit Bois, you will find the famous wine route

Roam picturesque vineyards and discover local wineries, where you can taste fine wines and meet wine enthusiasts.

Let yourself be seduced by the unique flavors and aromas of the region's wines, such as powerful red wines and delicate white wines

Soak up the friendly atmosphere of the cellars and the tastings, and benefit from the wise advice of the winegrowers who will passionately share their know-how.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wine and discover the oenological treasures that this exceptional wine region has to offer.

Local products

The surroundings of Villa du Petit Bois are full of local delicacies and colorful markets where you can buy fresh and tasty products

Discover the authentic flavors of seasonal fruits and vegetables, regional cheeses, artisanal olive oils and local wines.

Walk through the lively market stalls, soak up the friendly atmosphere and interact with the passionate producers.  

Whether to prepare a gourmet meal in your gîte at Mont Ventoux or for bring back culinary souvenirs, local products and the surrounding markets will delight your taste buds.

The surrounding villages

The surroundings of Villa du Petit Bois are full of charming villages to explore.

Buis-les-Baronnies will seduce you with its medieval atmosphere and its picturesque streets. 

Mollans-sur-Ouvèze invites you to discover its historical heritage and enjoy the natural beauty of the river

Sault is renowned for its lavender and offers breathtaking landscapes.

Nyons, nicknamed “Little Nice”, will charm you with its olive trees and its famous Provençal market

Each village has its own charm and promises you an authentic experience in the region.